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5-3-2-1 Inside Football Defense


5-3-2-1 Inside Defense


Strength of 5-3-2-1 Inside Defense


  • Strong down the middle
  • Good for deep pass coverage
  • Good protection against flat and short middle passes
  • Excellent for stunting linemen and linebackers

Weakness of 5-3-2-1 Inside Defense

  • Weak at the flanks - defense is not spread out wide
  • Does not contain equal strength to strong side of Single Wing or Wing T formation
  • Offers many gaps along line of scrimmage

5-4 Football Defense

5-4 Defense


Strength of 5-4 Defense

  • Good inside secondary strength
  • Strong pass coverage to the flat and short across the middle
  • Excellent for stunting linebackers

Weakness of 5-4 Defense

  • Possible issues with 3 deep pass patterns
  • Weak to the flanks on end sweeps
  • Weak on long pass over middle

6-2 Football Defense

6-2 Defense

Strength of 6-2 Defense

  • Strong to tackle and end areas
  • Strong to flanks, outside the ends
  • Safety provides good protection against long pass or run

Weakness of 6-2 Defense

  • Weak against short pass over the middle, no middle lnebacker
  • Weak against quick dives up the middle, no middle line backer

6-3 Football Defense

6-3 Defense

Strength of 6-3 Defense

  • Line backers provide great run support
  • Over-shift to strong side makes it difficult to run
  • Excellent for stunting line backers

Weakness of 6-3 Defense

  • Weak against the deep pass, only 2 DB's
  • Weak against weak side if over-shift is on

7 Diamond Football Defense

7 Diamond Defense

Strength of 7 Diamond Defense

  • Provides strong deep pass coverage
  • Safety provides assurance against long pass or run
  • Front line provides strength against the run
  • Front line able to provide pass rush
  • Line backers able to provide extra pressure by stunting and blitzing

Weakness of 7 Diamond Defense

  • Need strong player to play Middle Line Backer
  • Weak against off tackle plays
  • Front line tends to pair of against O Line, offering man to man blocking for offense

7-2 Box Football Defense

7-2 Box Defense

Strength of 7-2 Box Defense

  • Good against short yardage situations
  • Strong up the middle
  • Provides good short side strength
  • Provides good pass rush

Weakness of 7-2 Box Defense

  • Weak against deep pass
  • Weak against 'hook' zone passes
  • No safety offers potential for long pass or run

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